The Outdooroven will bring joy to every outdoor environment! A stylish pizza oven, a barbeque-grill, a cooker and an outdoor fireplace all in one.

The Outdooroven is made of Corten® steel – a special type of steel with an oxidized layer that slows down the rusting process. Heating up and cooling down the material causes a slight loose of pieces of rust over time. However, this is of no relevant influence on the life span.

The Outdooroven is a wood fired outdoor cooker and heater. The perforated base provides the fire with sufficient air supply. This all-in-one oven is standard equipped with a baking stone, BBQ grill rack and a chimney pipe. There are other accessories available like an oven door, a pizza shovel and a thermometer.


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Additional Information
Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 33 x 43 x 190 cm