Let’s have a party! Outdoor bathing in summer or winter is now possible with the Dutchtub Original.

The Dutchtub Original is a wood fired outdoor hot tub: a fire in the coil warms the water in the tub. Natural circulation causes the colder water at the bottom of the Dutchtub to go in the coil, heat up and flow out at the top.

The Dutchtub Original is a real eye catcher, durable with little to no maintenance. With its light-weight and smart and strong construction, the hot tub can easily be moved. The Dutchtub offers space for 4 people and is very comfortable due to the ergonomically shaped bottom.

Each Dutchtub is handmade in Holland and uniquely numbered. The Dutchtub is made from high-quality polyester: a sturdy and long-lasting material. The polyester is also weather-proof and colorfast so the tub can stay outdoors all year round.

Dutchtub can be ordered in 5 standard colors: red, blue, green, grey and orange

Dimensions: 262 * 170 * H84 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Water capacity: 650 L

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Additional Information
Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 262 x 170 x 84 cm