The easy chair SZ02 was designed by Martin Visser in 1960.

Visser had a strong preference for craft-built furniture. Many of his designs have an industrial style, but are usually craft made. He also stretched production techniques to the limit; he preferred to make what was almost impossible. An example of this is that he did not bend metal tubing like most other designers did, but he had cut and welded well defined crisp joints. He loved to make simple furniture using as little material as possible but with the clearest possible shapes.

Since start of production in 1960 the steel frames were polished and chrome plated. Since 2016 there is another variation available in black powder coating. Easy chair SZ02 is upholstered with a saddle leather seat, available in colors black, dark brown and natural leather.

Natural leather is a non colored leather and will darken under the influence of light. It will be delivered in an almost pink tone and it will fade into a warm cognac tone by time. The time it will take to fade from a pink tone into a cognac tone will depend on the amount and the kind of light, but it will take at least several months.

Saddle leather will also stretch a little over time. Any marks on the leather should not be considered as faults. These merely confirm the authenticity and quality of saddle leather.

The leather seat has a lace at the bottom, which gives the possibility to increase the tension on the seating area. The back of the chair has a buckle, so also the backrest can be tightened after intensive use. These features are not just functional but really define the natural beauty and character of this easy chair.

The easy chair is also available with natural rattan (version SZ01) or fabric upholstery (version SZ03).

Seat height: 41 cm

Armrest height : 53 cm

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Additional Information
Dimensions 69 x 60 x 72 cm