Back in 1953 head of Spectrum’s design department, Martin Visser, asked the painter Constant Nieuwenhuys to design several pieces of furniture. The “IJhorst tables” are the most catching result of this. These little tables show the transition between Constant’s Cobra-years and the unique and large scaled New Babylon project, and therefore mark a turning point in his works. For Constant the tables offered a unique opportunity to apply his new abstract sculptures in practice.

The frame of the tables show a construction of thin steel wires, where forces of traction become visible in an elegant manner. Fragile, frivolous and exceedingly strong. The distinctive frame fits perfectly in the time frame of the fifties. Designers like Charles Eames and artists like Naum Gabo used a comparable clear play of lines, where construction and aesthetics come together.

In the history of Spectrum but also in the history of the Dutch furniture, IJhorst fulfills a unique place. It was no designer nor architect who was responsible for this design, but an expressive artist. Sixty years later the little tables still look as bright and elegant as at that time. It again proves that Martin Visser had a good sense for classic designs that remain up to date longer than one generation.

IJhorst smoked glass side table is available in one size : Ø60 * H46 cm. The thickness of the smoked glass plate is 4 mm and its edge is beautifully polished.

The wire frame is powder coated in a matt black color.


Additional Information
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 46 cm