Martin Visser (1922 – 2009) became internationally known for his easy operational sofa bed designed in 1958 (model BR02.7).

Visser had a strong preference for craft-built furniture. Many of his designs have an industrial style, but are usually craft made. He also stretched production techniques to the limit; he preferred to make what was almost impossible. An example of this is that he did not bend metal tubing like most other designers did, but he had cut and welded well defined crisp joints. He loved to make simple furniture using as little material as possible but with the clearest possible shapes.

The BR02.7 sofa bed has been in production by Dutch manufacturer Spectrum since 1960. A single movement converts the sofa into a sofa bed. Very convenient for taking a day rest or for your guest staying overnight. This multi-functional sofa has been a best-seller in The Netherlands for over 50 years now.

In 2012 manufacturer Spectrum introduced a variation BR12 with fixed armrests at the sides of the sofabed. When the sofa is being converted into bed, the armrests move along with the seat.

Since start of production in 2012 the steel feet were polished and chrome plated, the central cross bars black powder coated. Since 2016 there is another variation available with its feet and cross bars completely black powder coated.

For its upholstery any color of the Kvadrat Steelcut (Trio) collection can be chosen. This fabric is very durable (100.000 Martindale) and not easy to change color by time (ISO 5-7).

Seat height: 40 cm (sofa position) and 35 cm (bed position)

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Dimensions 82 x 212 x 70 cm