At the age of 75, Rietveld reaffirmed his status as a groundbreaking designer with the Steltman. The chair was named after the jeweler Steltman in The Hague who asked Rietveld to renovate and redesign the interior of his store.

Positioned in front of a jewelry display case, the two chairs, which were each other’s mirror image, instantly appealed to the imagination. This was where customers sat when they selected jewelry and wedding rings. In this context, the chairs also acquired a symbolic meaning: two separate mirror images come together to form one whole. The Steltman beautifully reflects Rietveld’s ideas. Made up entirely of lines and planes, the asymmetrical chair offers a striking view from every angle, uniquely defining space, yet preserving openness all around. Thus Rietveld created another classic with his last piece of furniture design.

This design icon is made of solid oak wood. There are three surface treatments available; natural, whitewash or black stained. No matter which treatment is applied, the natural wood grains are well visible. Another version of the Steltman chair is upholstered with genuine leather. Click here for more information.

Seat height: 40 cm

Additional Information
Dimensions 45 x 50 x 70 cm