The Press Room Chair is the low version of a series of three chairs which Gerrit Rietveld designed for the Press Room of the UNESCO building in Paris in 1958. The chair was meant as a comfortable lounge chair for the low reading table for the journalists. Due to budget limitations, the new chair was never produced and Rietveld was obliged to replace them by chairs he designed earlier that year for the World Exhibition in Brussels.

Thankfully though, the original design drawings and scale models were preserved, so that the chair could be built exactly as designer Rietveld had envisioned it. The only change in comparison with the 1958 design, is that the swivel base is 6 cm higher. Due to this adjustment the Press Room Chair meets all of today’s demands with regard to seating comfort and ergonomics.

This comfortable lounge chair is available with an upholstered fabric (choose any color from the Kvadrat Steelcut (Trio) collection). The unique finishing of the seams accentuates the chair’s robust forms and spatial articulation, which is also reflected in the broad armrests of solid wood.
These armrest are produced from solid oak (black or whitewash stained) or solid American walnut wood. The armrests are finished with a matt transparent lacquer. The asymmetrical cross foot is standard available with a black powder coating and beautiful saddle leather straps which function as a foot gliders.

For other options like leather upholstery or a stainless steel cross foot, please contact us and request a quote.


Seat height: 42 cm

Armrest height: 60 cm

Additional Information
Dimensions 78 x 67 x 78 cm