Design : Cees Braakman (1953)

After the Second World War, when construction materials were in short supply, steel wire proved to be a cheap, functional and strong means of making chairs. Living rooms tended to be small and the transparent chair needed less space than traditional furniture. The chairs were a great success and fashionable among young families, who considered them a modern, rebellious statement.

Stool KM05 was one of the first stools to be entirely fabricated from steel wire. The stool is available in three heights: table (45cm), kitchen (63 cm) and bar (70cm). Its wire design gives the stool a spatial effect and the cushion ensures a comfortable sitting experience.

The materials used for the cushion are a fine selection of Kvadrat fabrics (Denmark), Steelcut Trio 2 series. This fabric is very durable (100.000 Martindale) and not easy to change color by time (ISO 5-7).

Colors :

  • 100 Paper White / Steelcut Trio 3_105
  • 101 Night Black / Steelcut Trio 3_124
  • 102 Haze Grey / Steelcut Trio 3_113
  • 103 Pale Green / Steelcut Trio 3_946
  • 104 Pacific Blue / Steelcut Trio 3_796
  • 105 Ox Red / Steelcut Trio 3_686

Seat height : 64 cm

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Additional Information
Dimensions 45 x 46 x 76 cm