The Amsterdammer cabinet is a distinctive example of Dutch furniture as design object. The Amsterdammer trademark is the ribbed roll-top door, which can slide up and disappear in the rear section of the cabinet. The ribs on this roll-top door provide a handle at any given height. The quirky image of the standing cabinet is further enhanced by the rounded top section. Amsterdammer cabinet is a design icon and one of the best-selling Dutch furniture pieces of all time. No matter the door is open or closed, this design object looks great in any configuration.

The Amsterdammer cabinet was designed by Dutch designer Aldo van den Nieuwelaar (1944-2010). It has been in production by Dutch furniture manufacturer Pastoe since 1978!

Amsterdammer cabinet is also available in horizontal configuration using two sliding doors, known as Amsterdammer Sideboard. This cabinet has two doors, which can slide sideways and disappear in the rear section of the cabinet. The cabinet has a fixed height and is placed directly on the floor, giving it lots of storage space.

To celebrate the success of this great design object, Pastoe had developed a new version of the Amsterdammer cabinet. It can be recognized by its thin legged frame. It gives the cabinet a very elegant character and like the other versions it can be used in any room in your home. The new version is named Amsterdammer Twist!

Amsterdammer Twist was introduced to the public at the “Interieur 2016” furniture show in Kortrijk, Belgium. It got lots of attention and production orders were received from the first day on. The new cabinet was taken in production in January 2017.

All Amsterdammer cabinets can be ordered in single or duotone color configurations. There is a standard range of 30 basic colors to choose from. Contact us for more information on colors and dimensions.

Additional Information
Dimensions 194 x 37 x 76 cm