Adorable bed lights, a joy for the whole family!

During our toddler years we are all afraid of darkness. Falling asleep all alone in a room is a scary thing. We love to grab onto anything soft and hold it tight to our body. With our eyes wide open we try to catch any glance of light in the room and orientate. Lots of scary things pass our minds until we are sure that there is nobody else in that room.

This adorable wall lamp named Oscar is ideally used in the baby or children’s bedroom. When the child is going to bed, the smart looking owl can be activated and placed on its wall mounted branch. She will watch the room while the child is falling into a deep sleep. With its soft light this smart looking owl will shine on all those scary night devils wherever they might hide. Get ready for sweet dreams!

Oscar wall lamp is rechargeable and portable, moreover the light can be changed into 6 different colors! Its housing is made of high quality vinyl material and its soft touch surface will encourage your child to embrace and cuddle it. This adorable bed light contains a low voltage LED light source which can be activated by simply tapping or shaking its housing softly. Multiple taps will change the light color to your choice! There is a smart function hidden in this cute bed light. It will shut off automatically after being inactive for 15 minutes. Time to sleep!

Do not be worried about your child’s safety as there are no components (such as screws, plastic covers or batteries) that can be disassembled from the lamp. Also, the high quality vinyl material used for the housing is environmental and child friendly (tested free of BPA and lead components).

This adorable bed light is supplied with a detachable cable and can be connected to any 5V USB charging port. At home, in the car or at the camping! Two hours of charging time will give at least ten hours of pleasure.


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