Year 1998 was the birth of a new way of relaxing. The Finnish designer Jukka Setala created a beanbag unlike any other. This beanbag was an instant hit and had grown into a lifestyle icon. In year 2002 Alex Bergman had bought the importing rights for the Benelux and the brand Fatboy was introduced in The Netherlands. In year 2003 Fatboy acquired the exclusive selling rights, which went above expectations.

An image was carefully chosen. A marketing strategy was drawn up. Playfulness and fun were combined with exclusive quality. The lounge trend had conquered The Netherlands, to which Fatboy smartly responded.

The unique Fatboy twist

Without a doubt our ultimate hero, but Faboy is more than a beanbag. Our collection has expanded into a diverse range. Iconic, qualitative and durable. Available in a broad color palette and many materials. From lamps and carpets to side tables, inflatable chairs and a two person hammock. Developed with one goal; escaping the daily routine with a big smile.



Expect the unconventional

Functionals offers a collection of furniture and home goods designed exclusively for us by innovative designers. Each has his or her distinctive perspective, but they share a bold aesthetic, commitment to craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Design that answers needs, delights the eye and stands the test of time!

We are equally detail-driven when it comes to manufacturing, packaging, and delivering our products. Our products are made to last, so they are made well. Components are made in small, but highly specialized factories in Europe and Asia, and many are finished by hand. We do much of the assembling and all the shipping at our factory and showroom in the Dutch town of Goirle.

We launched Functionals as a webshop in 2009, with the Bonsai candleholder and Swivel Floor light. Our collection has grown to include tables, seats, lights, tableware, and accessories. We’ve also expanded beyond the web into retail shops across Europe and beyond. Whether you order a Functionals product online or buy one in a store, we hope to exceed your expectations.



Founded in 2010, NLXL is known for Scrapwood Wallpaper, brainchild of designer Piet Hein Eek and NLXL founders Rick & Esther Vintage. Current wallpaper collections comprise “Brooklyn Tins” for Paris based destination store Merci, “Concrete” by Piet Boon, “Remixed” by Arthur Slenk, “Archives” by Studio Job, “Biblioteca” by Ekaterina Panikanova “Obsession” by Daniel Rozensztroch, “Addiction” by Paola Navone and “Materials” by Piet Hein Eek.
The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum has added Scrapwood, Archives and Remixed Wallpaper to their permanent collection. Scrapwood Wallpaper was on display in the Museum of Architecture and Design in New York. In 2014 the Archives Wallpaper by Studio Job was featured in all windows of Saks 5th Avenue for the Alexander McQueen fashion collection introduction, as well as the Paul Smith store windows on 5th Avenue. Dutch Museum Boijmans van Beuningen has also added Archives by Studio Job to their permanent collection in 2015.
Scrapwood received the 2011 ICFF NY Editors award. Archives has won the 2014 ICFF NY Editors award and the 2015 Elle Decoration EDIDA.
NLXL products have been featured in the New York Times, Daily News, Architectural Digest, Wallpaper*, DesignBoom, Wall Street Journal, Dezeen, Coolhunter and almost every other major interior publication.
NLXL Wallpapers have no repeat – this is what makes NLXL wallpapers unique
The company head quarters and main warehouse are based
in The Netherlands.



Storage of your life

Dutch furniture brand Pastoe symbolizes simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship, and has developed into an internationally renowned designer label over the past century. Over the years, various famous designers have made their talent available to Pastoe, including Maarten Van Severen, Shigeru Uchida and Scholten & Baijings, enabling Pastoe to develop into an internationally renowned designer label over the past decade.

Not just a product, it’s a relation

The Pastoe collection results from many years of continuous development and investment in the refinement of techniques and the expansion of functionality. The furniture is made at Pastoe’s factory in Houten, where furniture makers take great care to ensure aesthetic and functional applicability, paying close attention to traditional craftsmanship and quality. To ensure the best possible results, a great deal of the manufacturing is still done by hand. In this way, applying dedication and expertise, Pastoe has been creating furniture since 1913.



Mindful enjoyment since 1879

Peeze wants people to mindfully enjoy drinking coffee and thus help increase pleasure in their lives. Peeze does this by supplying the very best coffee and complimentary products and carefully focusing on the needs of their target groups.

Peeze has developed into a contemporary company in the higher echelons of the coffee market. It is a special company because it continues to be one of the few autonomous companies among the 18 coffee refineries in The Netherlands. Peeze has managed to retain a special position by combining two worlds ; that of modern technology and intelligent innovations with authentic recipes and passion for craft.

Sustainability and quality throughout the whole supply chain

Peeze’s beans are roasted in one of the most environment friendly refineries in the world. Thanks to several sustainable decisions – ranging from re-using residual heat to the use of aluminum free packaging materials – Peeze has been able to make production activities 100% climate neutral. Peeze has adopted a special process of removing the chaff from roasted coffee beans, whereby 99% less water is being used due to intelligent cyclone technology.

In order to maximize flavor, Peeze only works with fresh beans. Each type of beans is roasted separately (single origin) and blended after roasting. Also the authentic double roasting process is adopted when refining the espresso blends (‘doppio testate’ in Italian language).

After blending the coffee beans are packaged oxygen-free in a special developed packaging which doesn’t contain any aluminum.

Peeze is the only coffee refinery in the Netherlands that supplies 100% certified coffee

All of Peeze’s coffee beans either feature the Rainforest Alliance label, the Max Havelaar label or the BIO organic label. This allows you and your guests to mindfully enjoy Peeze’s coffee. In addition, Peeze’s coffee is 100% climate neutral. The 100% climate neutral doesn’t only apply to the production process but also to Peeze as a company. The Fairtrade Carbon Partnership program (Max Havelaar) helps compensation to take place at the source (coffee farms).

Communitea – Sri Lanka’s high mountain tea with a story

Together with the farmers of Sri Lanka, Peeze has developed a unique Fairtrade certified tea collection named Communitea. Sri lanka is well known for its top quality Ceylon black tea grown on the slopes of its high mountains.



Quodes is a design driven Dutch furniture company founded in 2006. The collection consists of tables, chairs and storage units, mainly produced in The Netherlands and Germany.

We offer contemporary and authentic pieces with a timeless quality designed for the private home, office environment and hospitality spaces.

All our items are potentially ‘lifetime companions’ and thus, personal in style and sustainable in production. With Quodes designs you can turn any space in an attractive and inspiring place.

In every piece we strive for the perfect balance between craftsmanship and intelligent manufacturing. As a result you can often choose your own colours, model variation or material option.

The collection is created by a selection of leading designers from different backgrounds and countries, such as Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby (London), Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam), Alfredo Häberli (Zürich), Nendo (Tokyo) and Sylvain Willenz (Brussels). Each of them has a strong individual signature that is reflected in their design for Quodes.

We are proud that several pieces from the Quodes collection have been exhibited in museums, published in art books or magazines and awarded internationally.



Rietveld Originals is a label of furniture company Rietveld by Rietveld, established by Gerrit’s grandson, Egbert Rietveld.

Rietveld Originals offers all of Gerrit Rietveld’s furniture designs that are currently in production. The collection consists of furniture that we produce as the official licensee, as well as furniture that is distributed by Cassina, Gispen and Veldhuijzen van Zanten.

Rietveld Originals also is working hard to develop its collection, with a number of pieces that are going to be relaunched. Rietveld Originals worked with designer Edward van Vliet to carefully study old sketches and prototypes and revive a number of classics. The Pressroom Chair (1958) and Armchair Metz & Co (1942) are unique designs by Rietveld, which recently started production.



75 years iconic Dutch design

Spectrum is known for its distinctive design and its traditional craftsmanship. Since its foundation in 1941 Spectrum connects the work of leading Dutch designers from the 20th century with that of contemporary talent. In the Fifties Martin Visser developed Spectrum’s first contemporary collection. Nowadays many of his designs, plus the work of colleagues he introduced, are still part of the Spectrum collection.

Spectrum combines classics of Dutch masters such as Martin Visser, Gerrit Rietveld, Benno Premsela en Constant Nieuwenhuys, with new designs by the present generation such as Studio Parade, Arian Brekveld, Ruud-Jan Kokke, Chris Slutter and Carolina Wilcke.

The Spectrum collection is a combination of comfort and iconic designs with a budding beauty of sobriety and functionality. The use of high quality materials and the extraordinary finishing is visible in each and every design.