dutch design

dutch design

A country so small in size, but internationally well known as a key player in many industries. The Netherlands and its people are true innovators and therefore obtained leading positions in the world marketplace. For many centuries, the Dutch people have sailed around the world looking for trade opportunities. At today, innovation, sustainability and social responsibility are core values that drive Dutch people in daily life.

During the 1980s the term ‘Dutch design’ started to come in popular use, as it was closely identified with a group of Dutch product designers who have gained international recognization. Dutch design can be characterized as functional, minimalist, experimental, innovative and humorous. A statement often used is ‘More is less’, referring to products or services being very powerful when kept simple and focused on their primary use.

The emergence of an internationally recognized Dutch design scene has been fueled by a strong educational system for designers. World famous Design Academy Eindhoven and Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam have produced many well-known designers. Meantime Dutch designers have developed a very strong presence all over Europe.

dutch wanna-haves

dutch wanna-haves

The Netherlands is ranked to be one of the top 10 happiest countries in the world! The Dutch secret to happiness is exercise, spending quality time with family, friends and having a great work-life balance. The home plays an important role in daily life. It is the place where all family members can get together, but also find their own private moments to withdraw from the crowd when necessary.

Comfort and a cozy atmosphere are created by choosing reliable furniture and lighting around the home. Unlike the Taiwanese, the Dutch people don’t spend lots of effort on wall and ceiling decorations. By keeping the initial spaces simple and clean, the attention goes to the furniture, the decorative items and the personal belongings.  Moreover, reliable furniture can last for generations. What’s more joyful than having a piece of furniture from your loved ones?

Dutchhaves opens its doors to a fine selection of Dutch branded home related products that either carry a rich history or simply increase the joy of life. Bringing Dutch wanna-haves into your home will help to release stress from nowadays hectic life. Moreover, fun products bring people close together and give added value to those precious moments we cherish to have with family and friends.

At Dutchhaves you will be able to find a wide variety of food, fashion, furniture and leisure products. We offer all those irresistible wanna-haves under one roof. Prepare yourself for a long wish list!

We offer a wide range of premium products designed by world famous Dutch designers. The majority of the products are produced in The Netherlands and whenever necessary tested by government certified institutes. Product safety and health aspects are seriously checked and controlled. Some of the brands offered have a history over 100 years and have become part of Dutch society.  Such rich experience and extensive know-how being passed on by generations has resulted in consistent craftsmanship and high attention to detail.

dutchhaves experience room

dutchhaves experience room

The details make the difference and that’s what clients at Dutchhaves are looking for! At Dutchhaves there are many products which can be customized. A meeting might be necessary to choose the required materials, colors and surface finishings. Are you looking for a particular Dutch branded product, but you can’t find it on our website? Just let us know. Please feel free to make an appointment and visit our Experience Room in Taichung.

We welcome interior designers and architects to cooperate with us.

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